Ceramic Fiber Rigidizer - R12
R12 Ceramic Fiber Rigidizer is a colloidal silica compound for treating
surfaces of ceramic fiber products to provide a degree of surface
hardness, or form a protective rigid surface to improve the  resistance
to erosion after air-drying. It can also soak ceramic fiber blanket to form
in a hard specific shape. R12 is a liquid ready for use.


  • Increase surface hardness of ceramic fiber blanket and board
  • Increase resistance to erosion of high velocity gas
  • Bond composites and laminates
  • Easily applied by brushing, dipping, rolling or spraying method.
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Reflect heat


  1. Surfaces to be coated should be free of any grease and oil.
  2. Rigidizer can be applied by brushing, dipping, rolling, and
    spraying (suitable respiratory protection and ventilation are
    required when applied by spraying). One gallon of rigidizer
    covers approximately 35 square feet brushed, or 70 square feet
    sprayed surface.
  3. Rigidizer receives its rigidizing action by air-drying for about 24
    hours from the removal of physical water. The curing process
    can be accelerated by heating. Curing is a function of the
    coating thickness, size, and geometry, as well as humidity.
    However, rigidizer dried at room temperature is not water-proof.
    Final curing should be done at high temperature (>1000 °F).
  4. After curing, rigidzer will render a hard surface without
    completely rigidizing the interior of the ceramic fiber body.


Rigidizer must be protected from freezing. Normal shelf life is 6 months
in unopened containers that have been properly stored.
Ceramic Fiber Rigidizer
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