LiC23b is a hydraulic setting castable. Water will be added on site and
mixed, and then shaped via casting to make a strong, rigid concrete-like
insulating material. The castable is lightweight and strong. It can be used
as very thermally efficient insulation to a dense refractory lining. It can also
be used as working hot face linings when conditions are not severe. It can
be used as furnace doors and covers, petrochemical heater, combustion
chambers and reactor vessels.

Skyline Components can supply a complete line of both dense and
lightweight insulating castables that can be used in wide temperature
range of 1800 - 3200°F.
Lightweight Insulating Castable
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Characteristics of LiC23b

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low density and Lightweight
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good crack resistance
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Can be cast into custom shapes or as one solid stove chamber
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Resists temperatures up to 2300°F
Specifications of LiC23b
Maximum service temperature
Density (Dried at 230°F)
69 lbs/cu. ft.
Cold Crushing Strength (Dried at 230°F)
1080 psi
Thermal conductivity (at 1000°F)
0.33  W/m/K
Linear change (at 1000°F)
≤ 0.6 %
Chemical Composition
≥ 40%
≤ 45%
≤ 5%
≤ 8%
Lightweight insulating castables
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